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Drawing has always been my passion, and now, I'm excited to use it to tell your story through illustration. Whether it's bringing characters to life for children's books, creating eye-catching infographics, or adding flair to your email campaigns, I tailor each illustration to match your unique style.


I focus on understanding your brand inside and out, from your tone of voice to your visual identity. By incorporating your brand colours, fonts, and themes, I ensure that each illustration becomes a seamless extension of your brand.


Throughout the process, I prioritise collaboration and feedback to ensure we capture the essence of your brand in every stroke. My goal is simple: to create illustrations that authentically represent your brand and make a lasting impression.

Aura Print Email Campaign

Discount Campaign: A series of illustrated emailers to promote offers on different products.

Aura Print illustrated email campaign
email campaign
illustrated email campaign

Children's book illustration

In this assignment, my responsibility involved bringing a children's picture book to life through illustrations. Drawing inspiration from the narrative, I crafted characters that perfectly matched the personalities of the individuals depicted in the story.

Pirates are pushing a boat overland whilst the captain is giving them orders
goldfish illustration

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